Smart Style – Terrain Park Safety

Terrain parks are common at most ski areas. A terrain park is a designated area with man-made features such as jumps, rails and boxes to slide across, and halfpipes similar to those used in skateboarding. Smart Style is a terrain park safety initiative that highlights key safety tips that you should know before entering a terrain park. Some resorts feature more than one terrain park, and they can range in size from small, medium, and large. Visit ski area websites to learn more about their terrain and terrain parks. The best way to learn how to safely navigate the various features is to take a lesson from a professional instructor.

Here are the four points of Smart Style:


Every time you use freestyle terrain, make a plan for each feature you want to use. How and where you land depends on your speed, your approach, and your take off. Know your limits, and stay within them.


On your first run through a terrain park, inspect the features before using them. Get a close look at the approach and landing zones. Before going off of a feature, make sure that the landing is clear and be sure to clear out of the landing area quickly.


Many ski areas have terrain parks designed for beginners, so start small and work your way up.


From the lift line through the park, show respect for other skiers and snowboarders and ski area staff.


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